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Belvnesheconombank - Belarus


General information about the bank Open Joint Stock Company "Belvnesheconombank" (abbreviated as OJSC "Bank BelVEB") was registered by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on December 12, 1991.

Today, this bank occupies a leading position among commercial banks of the Republic of Belarus in the field of international settlements, currency transactions and servicing of foreign economic activity. The Bank has many years of experience and a recognized reputation in the foreign exchange markets.

Pre-shek procedure  There are. It is necessary to fill out the bank's questionnaire and send us scans of corporate and personal documents of directors / shareholders / beneficiaries.

Pre-chek is paid separately and takes up to one week in terms of time.

Account types Settlement, deposit, personal, corporate. The accounts are mono-currency.
Personal visit to the bank when opening an account Required. It is necessary to visit the bank's branch in Minsk.
Minimum account balance No.
Down payment


100 USD – bank commission for opening an account in one currency;

100 USD – fee for using Internet Banking in the first month;

60 USD – the cost of digipas.

The mentioned amounts must be paid through the bank's cash desk during a personal visit to the branch.

Account opening period 3-4 weeks.
Required documents and information Apostilled cross-linking of corporate documents. The composition of the crosslink depends on each specific case.
Service Language Russian.
Minimum turnover No.
 Banking Products Leasing, deposits, bonds, bank custody, insurance, bank guarantees, loans, financial expertise of business.
Tariffs for service Available here.
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