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LTD company formation in Ireland

Ireland company forms

On this page we will tell you about the registration of LTD (Limited) companies in Ireland. It is analogous to a limited liability company.

Registration of partnerships (Limited Partnership) is also popular in Ireland.

The authorized capital of an Irish company

The minimum amount of the authorized capital has not been established.

The standard size is 100 EUR, divided into 100 shares, worth 1 EUR each.

The authorized capital of an Irish company must be paid by transfer to the company's bank account.

Director of an Irish companyDirector of an Irish company

The minimum amount is 1.

Only an individual can be a director of LTD.

At least one director must be a resident of the European Economic Area.

We provide such a nominee Irish citizen service at the request of the client.

If an Irish company buys an investment bond for two years, then any individual can act as a director, regardless of the country of residence.

The investment guarantee must be renewed (paid) every two years.

Shareholder of an Irish company

The minimum number is 1. The maximum is 149.

A shareholder can be either an individual or a legal entity.

There are no residency requirements.

The director and shareholder can be the same person.

Irish Company Secretary

Required. We provide such a service.

The sole director of an Irish company and the secretary cannot be the same person.

Nominee services in Ireland

Yes, the possibility of providing nominee services to Irish companies exists and such services are regulated by law.

Irish company formation procedureIrish company formation procedure

Company registration in Ireland is carried out remotely.

To register an LTD company, we need to get:

Several variants of the name, in order of priority;

Scanned copy of the passport for travel abroad of the director, founder, beneficiary;

Two documents confirming the place of residence of the director, founder, beneficiary not older than six months (utility bill, bank statement indicating the address);

Information about the company being created (name, types of activities, composition of founders and directors).

Based on the documents received, we fill out registration forms, which we then send to you. These forms will need to be signed and sent to Ireland along with copies of personal documents (passports and proof of residence). Upon receipt of the forms in Ireland, they are submitted to the register and the direct registration of the company is launched.

Upon incorporation, you will receive the following documents in pdf format (they are issued by the Irish Register in electronic form):

Certificate of Incorporation;


Certificate / share certificates.

If necessary, we can arrange certification of documents and apostille.

Terms of company formation in Ireland

2-3 weeks.

Direct registration of the company takes 4-5 days from the date of receipt of the original documents in Ireland. It takes another 1-2 weeks to register a company with the tax office (The Office of the Revenue Commissioners).

Language of corporate documents in Ireland


Certification of corporate documents with the Apostille stamp


Register of Directors in Ireland


Shareholder register in Ireland


Register of beneficiaries in Ireland


Annual maintenance of an Irish firm

Every year the company needs to pay for the following services:

Service of a nominee director (if applicable);

Renewal of the legal address;

Secretary services.

Taxes in IrelandTaxes in Ireland

The standard tax rate on profits earned from trade is 12.5%.

The tax rate on income received from intermediary, holding and investment activities is 25%.

The standard VAT rate is 23%. The annual threshold for the compulsory receipt of a VAT number: for goods - EUR 75,000, for services - EUR 37,500, total - EUR 41,000.

Capital gains tax - 33%. If certain conditions are met, capital gains from the sale of shares in companies from the EU, as well as from jurisdictions with which double taxation treaties have been concluded, are not taxed.

The payment of dividends from one Irish company to another Irish company is tax exempt. If dividends are received from a foreign company, then such a transaction is taxed at the income tax rate.

Tax on interest, dividends and patent royalties paid to a foreign company - 20%, except for cases specified by law.

Reporting and auditing in IrelandReporting and auditing in Ireland

Irish companies are required to keep records and file reports annually.

The Companies Registration Office shall submit:

  • Annual Return (annual declaration - confirmation of company data);
  • financial statements (if necessary, audited).

The first annual return (excluding financial statements) is filed six months after the registration of the company. Further, this declaration is submitted annually together with financial statements.

The annual return and financial statements must generally be filed within 28 days from the filing date set by the Register. This information can be found directly on the Register website.

If the reporting is not submitted on time, the company faces a fine and a penalty for each day of delay. If, as a result, the reporting is not submitted, the company will be excluded from the Register.

The Office of the Revenue Commissioners will submit:

  • tax return;
  • VAT return if the company is a VAT payer.

The company must file a tax return within 9 months from the end of the tax year.

Financial statements can be kept by the company's accountant. If necessary, we will provide you with such a service.

The company is exempt from the need to conduct an audit if two of three conditions are met:

  • total assets of the company do not exceed EUR 4.4 million;
  • the company's turnover does not exceed EUR 8.8 million;
  • the staff of the company does not exceed 50 employees.

All reports and primary documents must be kept for at least 6 years.

Where can I open an account for an Irish company

Opening an account for an Irish company is possible in the following financial institutions:

Ireland is not a relevant option? Follow the links below:

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