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About Us

Taxters is a company of legal professionals aimed at helping your business
  • receive more profits using legal methods;
  • build a solid structure attractive for potential investors;
  • secure the owner from any unfriendly actions against its property and legitimate interests;
  • optimize financial flows on a national and international scale by implementing a foreign element;
  • defend its position in courts of your company’s jurisdiction and abroad.
One of the primary instruments which you may use for the good cause of your business is a foreign company with accounts in foreign banks or payment institutions.
In some cases, there may several companies.
Everything depends on your goals.
We offer
Taxters provides the following services
  • incorporation of companies in foreign jurisdictions: EU, Asia, low-tax and offshore jurisdictions;
  • careful selection of the relevant foreign bank and/or payment institution for your business; all-inclusive assistance with the account opening process;
  • assessment of the existing business structures in terms of tax and financial risks; search of optimal solutions aimed at mitigating potential risks;
  • legal due diligence of your business partners, analysis and risk assessment of future transactions, including legal drafting and revision of contracts;
  • full-cycle secretarial support of your foreign companies, including accounting services and preparation of audited financial accounts;
  • transfer of administration of your existing companies (set up by third-party service providers) under our custody.
If you think your business has reached a level when it should go beyond the national scale, Taxters is a suitable partner for expanding the horizons of your business.
We adhere to
Our principal goal

is to help to achieve your goals while not getting in trouble with the law.

Why us?

More than a decade our company has been successfully providing legal services for businesses and private clients.

We are not “incorporators” or “fixers”. We are a team of practicing international lawyers.

We understand the importance of experience, professionalism and reliablility of partners around the globe.

Apart from having unique experience in legal administration of foreign companies, our team is always ready to explore new practices, if such a target is set before us by the client.

We step out thanks to the high quality of services and personal approach to each client. Every issue is solved on a turnkey basis with minimum headache for the client.

Taxters' standards are built on the fundament of corporate culture and ethics.

Who We Are
Our Team
Nikita Korzh Managing Partner, Founder
Nikita Korzh is the managing partner and the mastermind of Taxters....
Pavel Dubynskyi Partner
Pavel Dubynskyi has a 10-year experience in commercial law, which includes:...
Oksana Kolobanko Head of Finance
Oksana's main specialization is legal support for non-resident businesses. She advises...
Valeriia Nevinchana Lawyer
Valeriia’s main specialization is businesses support in foreign jurisdictions, corporate accounts...
Eduard Golodnytskyi Associate Partner
Eduard has been practicing Law since 2003. His primary focus includes:...
Lina Noha Lawyer
Lina is engaged in supporting business in foreign jurisdictions, opening corporate...

We love what we do for our customers, and customers appreciate the result of our collaboration

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