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Opening an account with CIM Banque Switzerland

Opening an account with CIM Banque Switzerland

Important about CIM Banque!

Starting in October 2020, CIM Banque requires corporate clients to have a real economic presence in the country of registration, in other words, rented office space and employed personnel.

The company must also prove that files reports to the tax authorities of the country of registration.

Moreover, it is required to provide financial statements prepared by a certified auditor.

Including, there should be a logical explanation of why the company was registered abroad, and not in the country of residence of the beneficiary. In other words, the choice of the country of registration must correspond to the activities of the company.

What is a Substance and how it can be organized, you can find out on the links below:

General information about CIM Banque

CIM Banque was founded in 1990 as a private financial institution.

The bank operates under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is a member of the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA).

Bank branches, which serve clients from more than 80 countries, are located in Geneva, Lugano and Wollerau.

For the past ten consecutive years, CIM Banque has received awards from Deutsche Bank and J.P Morgan for excellence in USD SWIFT payments.

Types of accounts opened by CIM Banque

  • сhecking account;
  • multicurrency;
  • personal;
  • corporate;
  • deposit.

Personal visit to the bank when opening an account with CIM Banque

No. The account is opened remotely. You need to make a video call with a bank manager.

Payment options

Electronic payment

Send money securely in over 100 currencies to any destination at attractive prices.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Pay globally and online with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay.

Electronic banking

Manage your account and your money securely from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, top up your prepaid card and more!

Benefits of opening a Swiss bank account online

No citizenship restrictions

Thanks to the online account opening system, we are ready to welcome people from all over the world, as far as possible, and provide them with a Swiss bank account.

High level of privacy

After opening a current or deposit account, Swiss law prohibits a bank from disclosing any information about the account (even about its existence) without the permission of the depositor.

low risk

Thanks to the application of Swiss laws and regulations, we are confident that we know our customers and their activities. CIM Bank does not take part in activities that involve risks for itself and its clients.

Personal Account Manager

CIM Bank assigns you a personal manager. Our teams are divided by language zones. This means that our clients communicate with a person who knows their language and market. You can manage your Swiss account online and get the support you need.


We provide you with a Swiss bank account with the ability to trade and make payments in more than 20 currencies online.

Irreducible account balance at CIM Banque

1,000 EUR / USD / CHF.

First installment to open an account with CIM Banque

5,000 EUR / USD / CHF - for a personal account.

10,000 EUR / USD / CHF - for a corporate account.

Terms of opening an account with CIM Banque

3-6 weeks.

Required documents and information to open an account with CIM Banque

  1. Apostilled set of copies of corporate documents of the company. The composition of the set depends on each specific case (the originals are sent to Switzerland and stored in the bank's archives);
  2. Notarized copies of the passports of the beneficiary / shareholder / director (originals are sent to Switzerland and stored in the bank's archives);
  3. Proof of residence of the beneficiary / shareholder / director issued by an official body;
  4. CV and letters of recommendation for the beneficiary / shareholder / director;
  5. Contracts, agreements, invoices;
  6. Statements of existing accounts;
  7. Business plan or detailed description of the activity.

Service language at CIM Banque

12 languages, including: Russian, English, French, German.

Banking products CIM Banque

International transfers, Forex operations, credit and debit cards, internet banking, bank guarantees, letter of credit, investment consulting, asset management.

Service tariffs at CIM Banque

Available here.

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Why Taxters?

Our team does not just blindly follow the instructions, but first of all, consults and helps each client choose the most suitable option for him. If we see that the bank is not suitable for you or it will not fully meet your needs, we will be happy to offer several alternative and effective options.

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