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ELPASOInformation about payment system ELPASO

ELPASO is a commercial name and also an abbreviation of the full legal name ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SOLUTIONS LTD. The company is registered in the UK under number 11070048 and has an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license issued by the British regulator Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) 06/01/2019. The license allows you to issue electronic money (e-money), as well as provide payment services.

Which types of accounts are available to open open with ELPASO?

Accounts can be opened for both individuals and legal entities.

Which jurisdictions are available for opening a corporate account with ELPASO?

Austria Jersey
Australia Latvia
Belgium Liechtenstein
Bulgaria Lithuania
Canada Luxembourg
China Malta
Croatia Monaco
Cyprus Netherlands
Czech Republic New Zealand
Denmark Norway
Estonia Poland
Finland Portugal
France Romania
Germany Singapore
Gibraltar Slovakia
Greece Slovenia
Guernsey South Africa
Hong Kong South Korea
Hungary Spain
India Sweden
Ireland Switzerland
Isle Of Man Taiwan
Israel United Kingdom
Italy USA

Which types of businesses are not served in ELPASO?

  • Trade in military grade weapons / security systems;
  • Network marketing;
  • Pawnshops;
  • Political organizations;
  • Trading in precious metals;
  • Dating / adult content;
  • Trade in pharmaceutical substances;
  • Trade in carbohydrate loans;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Offshore FOREX;
  • Gambling (gambling);
  • Shell banks;
  • Ponzi schemes / financial pyramids;
  • Trafficking in counterfeit goods, human trafficking, child labor, prostitution and other types of illegal business.

Which types of business are welcomed in ELPASO?

  • Classic trading business;
  • IT business.

ELPASO advantages

  • Principal membership in Mastercard. It is planned to issue plastic cards;
  • Reliability - Safeguard accounts in European banks;
  • Individual IBAN - accounts;
  • Deep understanding of how business works in the CIS countries.

Procedure of opening an account with ELPASO

Everything happens remotely, including verification of the user by the account and the beneficiary. You will need to take a selfie with a passport and provide a set of necessary documents. We fully accompany the process of opening an account, as well as advise on the format of the required documents.

ELPASO tariffs

The basic tariff plan for legal entities provides for the following positions:

Opening an account - 500 EUR;

Monthly maintenance - 50 EUR;

Incoming payments - free;

Outgoing SEPA payments - 25 EUR;

Outgoing SWIFT payments - 0.3% (min 80 EUR, max 300 EUR).

There are also other tariff plans for clients whose monthly account balance exceeds 100,000 EUR.

What is the advantage of opening an account with our help?

You will have only one chance to make a good impression of yourself when you apply for onboarding to the ELPASO payment system. Working with us, you will be sure that the first impression of you as a future ELPASO customer will be excellent.

We will advise you in detail on what documents will need to be provided and in which form, and will take on a significant part of the "headache" associated with successfully completing compliance during opening an account.

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