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ForteBank - Kazakhstan

General information about the bank The bank has been successfully operating in the market for over 20 years and now it is the tenth largest bank in Kazakhstan.

ForteBank is included in the list of second-tier banks determined by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to which the pension assets management companies, as well as the State Accumulative Pension Fund CJSC entrust financial resources to be placed on deposits.

The bank's network includes 20 branches and more than 100 branches.

Pre-check procedure Yes.
Types of accounts Personal, corporate, multicurrency.
Personal visit to the bank during opening an account Not required.
Irreducible account balance No.
First installment No.
Limits There are limits for cash withdrawals.
Account opening period 5-6 weeks.
Required documents and information To start the procedure, you need to send in scans:

- corporate documents of the company under apostille;

- passport of the beneficiary;

- passport and tax number of the account manager.

To open a bank account, a non-resident company must obtain a BIN number - Business Identification Number.

To issue a corporate card, the account manager must obtain an IIN - an individual identification number.

For the above actions, it is required to issue the appropriate powers of attorney, notarized (for countries that have signed the Minsk Convention on the Recognition of Mutual Notarization) or notarized and apostilled (for other countries).

After registration, the package of necessary documents is sent to Kazakhstan.

Service language Russian.
Minimum turnover No.
Banking products Internet banking, loans, deposits, servicing salary projects, credit and debit cards, international transfers, bank guarantees, acquiring.
Tariffs Rates for corporate clients are available here. Rates for individuals are available here.

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