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Opening a personal account with a Singapore OCBC Bank

Why do we recommend opening an account with Singapore banks?

Singapore occupies one of the first lines in the ranking of economic stability among all countries in the world.

The jurisdiction leads the TOP 5 countries in terms of ease of doing business, especially in the field of international trade and investor protection. In 2020, Singapore was ranked 2nd in the World Bank Group's Doing Business annual report, and in 2019 led the World Economic Forum (WEF)'s Global Competitiveness.

Singapore is committed to pursuing its Economy of the Future strategy to maintain a competitive business environment.

Every year Singapore is moving closer to the title of the most reliable, loyal to business and financially stable country. This approach, among other things, is reflected in the reliability and quality of the banking system.

Личный счет в OCBC Bank

Why should we open a personal OCBC Bank account in Singapore?

Bank's background:

OCBC has been developing its authority and importance in the world banking market for eighty years. OCBC Bank Corporation was created through the merger of 3 Chinese giant banks. As a result, OCBC became the second largest bank in Southeast Asia.

THanks its stability, OCBC Bank is consistently included in the TOP-50 of the safest banks in the world according to Global Finance. In the Singapore Banks List, OCBC Bank was named the Best Bank of Singapore 2020 by Asian Banker magazine.

In the list of the best banks with fixed deposit rates of 2021, OCBC Bank in Singapore takes the leading position.


Basically, the Singaporean OCBC bank operates in the markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

OCBC Bank is represented in 19 countries and has more than 500 branches.

OCBC Singaporeis becoming more flexible and suitable for residents of many countries. The culture that the bank is imbued with from the inside, thanks to its worldwide prevalence, enables it to take the best of the qualities of each country: clarity in actions, transparency, customer focus and stability.

Частный счет в OCBC Bank

When you open a private account with Singapore OCBC Bank, you can have an access to such top service:

  • Singapore OCBC Bank will provide you with a personal manager, whose services will be available at any time and day. If you have any questions or need help, you can always have a feedback. In addition, communication with a personal manager will be carried out in your native language;
  • When a customer makes a minimum deposit of  200,000 Singapore dollars, he receives a cash bonus from the bank - 400 Singapore dollars, and for a 350,000 deposit, the bonus will be 1,000 Singapore dollars;
  • If you open a corporate bank account with OCBC, you will be able to directly pay salaries to your employees within OCBC through an internal transfer without additional costs (commissions);
  • The internet banking token along with the debit card will be sent to your home address at the bank's expense;
  • The OCBC Bank account in Singapore can be opened remotely. Thus, remote opening of a Singapore bank account is available in Russia or any other country.

Terms for opening a personal account in the OCBC Premier Banking program

  1. A deposit equivalent to 200,00 Singapore dollars by the end of the fourth month after the start of cooperation with OCBC Premier Banking;
  2. Maintaining the amount of the deposit for 4 months "minimum period" from the date of the beginning of cooperation with the bank.

Счет физического лица в Сингапуре

Opening an account with OCBC Premier Banking provides access to the following bank services:

  • Premier Dividend + Savings Account - 0.50% passive income per year from the amount on the account;
  • Bonus + Savings Account - passive income in the amount of 0.40% per year of the total account balance + 0.15% per year, subject to the preservation of money in the account + 0.25% per year, if at least 500 Singapore dollars are left on the account every month;
  • OCBC 360 Account - passive income of 2.38% per year if the first 75,000 Singapore dollars is invested;
  • Foreign Currency Time Deposit - passive income in the amount of 0.40% per year of the total amount on the account when investing in foreign currency;
  • Unit Trust - buying and managing your portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other assets by a professional stock market manager.

Счет физического лица в банке Сингапура

How to open a personal account with OCBC Singapore remotely?

To open an account in the OCBC Bank in Singapore, person must provide the following documents:

  1. The passport;
  2. National ID card (if the person has);
  3. Proof of residential address;
  4. Telephone number;
  5. E-mail address.

The minimum investment in an account must be at least 200,000 Singapore dollars. This amount must be held in the account until the end of the fourth month after the opening of the Premier Banking account.

Opening a private account of an individual with OCBC Bank is possible for citizens and residents of the following countries:

  • Japan;
  • China;
  • Hong Kong;
  • India;
  • Russia;
  • Switzerland;
  • UAE;
  • Taiwan;
  • Vietnam;
  • Thailand;
  • Oman;
  • Bahrain;
  • Philippines;
  • Indonesia;
  • Myanmar;
  • Macau;
  • Pakistan;
  • Malaysia;
  • Brunei.

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