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Obtaining E-residency in Estonia

E-residency Estonia

What is E-residency in Estonia

The e-Residency program is an initiative of the Estonian government that confirms the state's aspiration to become the foremost digital society of our time.

It allows anyone to become a digital resident of Estonia by obtaining an identity card (ID card). This opens up access to government web resources.

What are the benefits of Estonian E-residency

An e-resident card does not give the right to live in Estonia or obtain Estonian citizenship, but it allows you to establish companies in Estonia and digitally sign documents.

It is the founding of a company that is one of the most attractive opportunities of the e-Residency program - you can register a company in Estonia remotely from anywhere in the world. In addition, using an ID-card, you can remotely manage a company, sign documents, pay taxes and much more.

An electronic resident card is a kind of pass to the world of working with PayPal.

How to get an Estonian E-resident card

The procedure for obtaining a card takes 4 to 6 weeks from the date of application.

After the issuance of electronic residency, the card must be collected personally from the Estonian embassy / consulate in your country.

Which documents are needed to obtain an E-residency in Estonia

To apply for an Estonian electronic resident card, you need to prepare a set of documents and information, namely:

  1. High-quality scanned copy of your foreign passport;
  2. Scanned copy of the tax number (identification code);
  3. Contact phone number;
  4. Photo of the applicant, as required below;
  5. A link to a profile on the Linkedin network, or another site where you can get acquainted with the applicant's work experience;
  6. Link to the applicant's profile on other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and so on;
  7. CV (resume) in English. If necessary, we will help you create a high-quality resume;
  8. Scanned copy of the document that confirms the applicant's address;
  9. A short description of the activities of the future company.

How to take a photo for E-residency

Photo E-Residency

Photo requirements for obtaining an E-resident card:

  • light gray background;
  • there should be no third-party objects in the background;
  • sufficient lighting so that there are no shadows on the face or so that the photo is not blown out;
  • look at the camera, not at the smartphone screen;
  • the head should be straight;
  • the face should occupy 78-80% of the height of the photo.

Taxters successfully accompanies clients in the process of obtaining e-Residency. Leave a request right now and we will be happy to advise you on all procedural issues!

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