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Opening an account with Paysera

PAYSERA - what is it?

Paysera - what is it?

Payment system PAYSERA, or Paysera LT, UAB, was registered in Lithuania in 2004 under the name “Elektroniniai verslo projektai”. The familiar name was coined in 2014.

The founders of the company are Lithuanians: Audrius Luciunas, Rolandas Razma, Kostas Noreika, Sarunas Broga.

PAYSERA provides services in 180 countries and serves about four hundred thousand clients. The total amount of transfers made using the system in 2019 almost reached 6 billion EUR.

The company has an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license dated 09/27/2012, issued by the Bank of Lithuania. Thanks to her, PAYSERA can issue electronic money (e-money) and make electronic payments.

Paysera is not a bank in the classical sense of the word. Paysera cannot accept deposits and issue loans, as this is not provided for by the EMI license. On the other hand, this means that the payment system has no liquidity risks. In turn, this means that you will be calm about the safety of money in your account.

Who can open an account with PAYSERA

Who can open an account with PAYSERA

An account with Paysera can be opened by both an individual (even a non-resident of the European Union) and a legal entity (companies registered outside Europe also have this opportunity). When opening an account for a legal entity, it is mandatory to open a personal account for an individual - a company representative.

How to open an account with PAYSERA

You can open an account with PAYSERA via a remote procedure. In the process, it is necessary to pass passport verification through a mobile phone camera or a computer camera. If the limits set by the system do not suit you, you can increase them at any time. To do this, you need to go through a formal Skype-call with a manager and answer a couple of simple questions.

PAYSERA tariffs for European companiesPAYSERA tariffs for European companies

Opening an account free
Account maintenance free (for Latvian companies - 3 EUR / month)
Electronic account statement free
Transfers inside the system free
SEPA transfer 0,20 EUR
International Transfer (SWIFT) 7,00 EUR
Crediting SEPA transfer free (excluding transfers via TARGET2)
International transfer crediting 3,00 EUR

PAYSERA mobile application

The PAYSERA mobile application is available on two platforms: IOS and Android. Downloading and installing the application is free. It allows you to quickly convert currencies, send payments, check your account balance when your computer is not with you. Also, through the mobile application, you can order or block the card, change its limits or update the PIN-code. It is especially convenient to have notifications about incoming and outgoing payments, without the need to re-enter your PAYSERA personal account.



The system issues a VISA debit card with 3-D Secure technology for secure online shopping and NFC for contactless payments. You can withdraw money from a PAYSERA card at any ATM serviced by VISA.

Both an individual and a company can receive a PAYSERA card. In the case of a corporate card, the name and surname of the company representative will be indicated on it.

The payment system sends the card only within the EU. If you live outside the European Union, we will accept the card in the EU and send it to the address indicated by you by courier service.

Another significant advantage of the PAYSERA card is that it can be linked to a PAYPAL business account.

What is good about PAYSERA

What is good about PAYSERA

PAYSERA advantages:

  • Transfers in the Single Euro Payments Area are not limited in number and amounts, and for clients - individuals they are completely free;
  • The ability to make instant transfers in EUR by SEPA Instant, as well as international transfers in thirty currencies;
  • Multi-currency accounts and favorable exchange rates;
  • Convenient debit card with 3-D Secure technology and NFC;
  • Remote account opening procedure and Russian-speaking support.

PAYSERA and Ukraine

PAYSERA and Ukraine

According to our information, Paysera is actively studying the issue of entering the Ukrainian market, as well as opening a local office or representative office.

For Paysera, everything is complicated by outdated banking regulation, which in Ukraine is very different from the European one.

We wish the guys from Paysera success in this difficult endeavor, and wisdom to the Ukrainian legislators.

PAYSERA reviews

PAYSERA reviews

According to Taxters customers, Paysera provides a very good service for a very reasonable fee.

Sometimes our clients receive requests from Paysera compliance, which makes them a little upset. However, with competent and, most importantly, timely responses to such compliance requests, clients can fully rely on the normal operation of their account.

Also, do not forget that a compliance request is quite normal in 2020.

In our experience, Paysera does not deal with senseless blocking of accounts. Amen ?

Opening a PAYSERA account with TAXTERS

Opening a PAYSERA account with TAXTERS

We will accompany you on all issues: from collecting the necessary documents and information to the successful acceptance / sending of the first payment. We will show you how to navigate the PAYSERA interface, how to quickly and conveniently process payments through a mobile application. We will order a card for you and arrange its delivery. We will show you how to correctly answer the PAYSERA compliance questions during the opening process and when working with an account.

Just click on the feedback button, and we will advise you promptly and in detail!

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